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Baseball Hitting Drills: How to Effectively Improve Your Hitting Performance

Baseball Hitting Drills: How to Effectively Improve Your Hitting Performance

Baseball hitting drills are fundamental in transforming a player's batting skills and overall performance at the plate. The following drills play a crucial role in developing a batter's technique, timing, hand-eye coordination, and power, making them an essential component of any comprehensive baseball training program. The primary purpose of baseball hitting drills is to improve a player's ability to make solid contact with the ball consistently and to develop a confident and disciplined approach every time they step up to the plate.

Many of the drills below use our swing path trainer as part of the drill. The swing pat trainer is a great tool for any player serious about improving their hitting percentage. On each drill page, you'll find a training video explaining the concept and how to perform it. By using these drills consistently, you'll be ready for game day. Are you ready to improve your swing? Great! Let's get to work.


How to Fix Swinging Across Your Body

baseball hitting drill how to stop swinging across your body

Swinging across your body reduces the power you generate in your swing and results in less bat control. When swinging across your body, the chances of consistently hitting the ball squarely decreases, leading to a higher number of strikeouts. Watch as Dominic breaks down how to break this bad habit through practice. 

Watch how to correct swinging across your body


What You'll Learn From this Drill:

  • How to increase your power
  • Improve direct contact with the ball
  • Reduce the risk of injury


Focused Baseball Reps

baseball hitting drills focused baseball reps

 Focused baseball reps are the foundation of creating memory muscle. By utilizing the swing path trainer, you'll understand what a good swing looks like. Being able to self-correct your swing, without your coach standing at your side, means that you can practice anytime and know with confidence that you're making improvements. Click the link and watch Nick show you how to position yourself at the plate.

Watch the focused reps drill video.


What You'll Learn From this Drill:

  • Increase understanding of a good swing
  • Create the right muscle memory for your swing
  • Learn how to properly load and rotate


Opposite Field Hitting Drills

opposite field hitting

This drill covers how to practice hitting drills for outside, inside, and middle fields using the swing path trainer. It also covers mistakes players make when working these types of drills and how to correct them. 

Watch the opposite field hitting drills video.


What You'll Learn From this Drill:

  • How to position your hit depending on the field


Bat Grip for Improved Strength, Power, & Control

line drive swing on swing trainer at home plate

This drill discusses how to correctly hold your bat for improved performance. Dominic explains not only how but why you should grip the bat in the correct way. 

Watch the bat grip drill video.


What You'll Learn From this Drill:

  • How to correctly hold the bat
  • How to correct or avoid bad habits
  • A drill to help you get it right


How to Correct Your Shoulder from Flying Open

baseball player using baseball hitting drills

In this video, you'll see that when using the swing path trainer correctly, you'll self-correct your shoulder from flying open. One of the purposes of the swing path trainer is to help you stay on the plane longer when you swing. 

Watch the shoulder flying open drill video. 


What You'll Learn From this Drill:

  • How to use the swing path trainer to self-correct this from happening
  • Learn how to stay on the plane longer


Acquiring the Perfect Baseball Stance

This video focuses on body posture at the plate and includes several drills to focus on to ensure are aligned correctly during your swing. 

Watch the perfect body stance drill video. 


What You'll Learn From this Drill:

  • The importance of hip movement and rotation during your swing
  • How to "squash the bug"
  • how to focus on bat path


Staying Connected with Your Lower Body

good swing mechanics

This video includes how to keep your hips and legs involved in your swing drills as much as your upper body. 

Watch the stay connected drill video. 


What You'll Learn From this Drill:

  • Where to position your feet during your swing
  • A drill to help you learn the correct position


Beginner Tips for the Swing Path Trainer

The swing path trainer is the perfect use of the term practice makes perfect. By practicing your swing using this one tool, you can develop a consistent and repeatable swing path. Beginners may find this video helpful when setting up and can lead to big gains overall. 


Watch beginner tips for the swing path trainer video.

What You'll Learn From this Drill:

  • Helps you get comfortable using the swing path trainer
  • Gain a better understanding of correct bat path
  • Create correct muscle memory


Positioning the Swing Path Trainer

baseball training equipment

In this video, we cover how to get the maximum benefit from your training sessions using the swing path trainer by positioning it correctly. We also discuss hitting inside pitches. If you have a swing path trainer, you don't want to miss this one. 

 Watch how to position the swing path trainer video.

What You'll Learn From this Drill:

  • Learn the importance of alignment
  • Learn how to position the swing path trainer depending on your focus


Key Advantages of Hitting Drills

Muscle Memory

One of the key advantages of hitting drills is the development of muscle memory. Through repeated practice of proper swing mechanics and body positioning, players can ingrain the correct movements into their muscle memory, allowing them to execute their swings more efficiently during live game situations. Hitting drills also foster a better understanding of pitch recognition, enabling players to identify different types of pitches and make split-second decisions on whether to swing or not.

Increased Power

Furthermore, these drills help batters develop their power and bat speed. By incorporating various techniques, such as tee work, soft toss, and live pitching drills, players can work on generating more power from their swings and increase the velocity at which they make contact with the ball. This translates to improved hitting distance and the ability to drive the ball into gaps or over the outfield fence.

Increase Confidence

Another critical aspect of hitting drills is mental preparation. As players refine their hitting mechanics and see their progress, they gain confidence in their abilities. This mental fortitude is invaluable during high-pressure game situations, as it allows batters to remain focused, composed, and confident in their swing mechanics.

Baseball hitting drills are indispensable tools for players looking to elevate their batting performance. We hope that by incorporating these drills into your regular training routines, you can achieve greater consistency and effectiveness at the plate, ultimately becoming a more well-rounded and impactful hitter in the game.

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