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Opposite Field Hitting Drills

Opposite Field Hitting Drills


 What’s up everybody? Welcome back. 


We're getting a lot of questions about set up where to set up outside, middle, in. Where should I set up with my feet? So, here I am to answer. So when we're talking about setting up the tee, our feet, the plate with what field we want to work to, what we recommend, just like anything, we just get in the box like we normally do, like, we're set up like any other tee, and if we’re working middle, outsider, or in, here's what you want to look for. Okay, we have a cross-section here at the bottom of the tee.


Middle Setup

Okay, it's in line with the tee topper. Now, when I set up to hit on whatever pitch, whatever field if I’m working middle, outside, or inside, I need to make sure that the tee is in line with that. Okay. When I'm setting up middle, what we recommend is again, put it on the middle of the plate and make sure that the tee is sitting, the tee topper and the ball is sitting over the middle of the plate. I want my front foot in line with the gaskets, okay, so when I go to swing here. 

Outside Setup

Now, when I work to the outside half of the plate,

I'm just simply going to move the pitch or move the swing path trainer to the outside half. I want my front foot typically in line with the tee topper so when I’m working away, boom, I'm here. 

Inside Setup

Now for the inside again, I'm going to make sure that it's on inside half of the plate, the tee topper, and the cross-section is where the inside ball would be. And then my front foot should typically split the two gaskets here in the middle so when I go to swing. 


Keep Alignment

So those are again some guidelines, some general areas of where you want to set up from a foot perspective, and your stance to the tee topper for each pitch. But again, the biggest thing is make sure that your feet, the ball, tee topper are all in line with which field you want to hit to. So again, away, middle, and pull my feet, the ball, tee topper. The cross-section is kind of a barrier to make sure that I'm set up properly in order to hit to whatever field I want to.


If you want to again, add some functionality to it, if you want to slide the tee topper out, in, again enhance whatever field you're working to, by all means, you can. But again you have to make sure that the tee topper, the ball is sitting over like any other tee when you go to set up. I need to make sure that the ball corresponds with whatever field I’m working to, in coordination with my stance, the plate, and the field. So that's where you should set up. That's how we recommend it. If you guys have any questions, let me know.

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