What people are saying about the Swing Path Trainer

  • Just got ours in, and we saw immediate results


  • We have had ours for months and it still looks brand new. It gets used almost everyday and has taken many knocks- it seems indestructible. 


  • These tees are difference makers.  They are helping our guys immensely.  Absolutely love them.

     On Saturday we hit 8 homeruns in a 6 inning intra-squad.  These tees really clean up swings and knock out a lot of the slop.

    MS - D1 College Coach - Recent CWS Winner

  • Such a great tool, well done guys!


  • This thing is awesome!


  • Every baseball player should have one of these tees.


  • Makes all the sense in the world. Good job creating this tool.


  • Fantastic Product!


  • We have one and my son has hit the sh** out of it on day one.. no problems.. its helping him a lot.


  • My son has been using this for the summer and loves it. It helps him "self correct" and he can go out and hit on his own and he feels like he makes progress. He uses it almost everyday and loves it


  • This swing path training must be magic! I've struggled to get my son to get out in the yard and hit balls into the old net for years. He gets a Perfect Swings USA - Swing Path Trainer and suddenly he’s hitting balls almost every day - without any parental persuasion. It’s 26 degrees out and snowing, and he’s outside hitting baseballs! Kudos to Perfect Swings USA for the great swing trainer and motivator!


  • We use this faithfully in my high school baseball program. In our season opener we put up 20 runs, 14 hits including 2 bombs and 7 doubles. This tee is the truth!


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