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Reduce swing and miss, train muscle memory, and get on plane with the ball earlier & longer. Creating the perfect baseball swing is easier than ever.

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Swing Path Trainer V4 by Perfect Swings USA is the best baseball training equipment on the market

Durable Material Built To Last

The Swing Path Trainer works because it provides instant feedback when you do something wrong. In order to provide feed back, it had to be designed to take a beating.

Adjustable Guide Bar

Increase difficulty with our durable guide bar, made with 100% polycarbonate designed to withstand 20,000 direct hits.

Ball Tee Topper for Baseball & Softball

The Ball Tee Topper holds both baseball & softballs so you only need one topper no matter what sport you play. Each Swing Path Trainer also comes with a Dry Swing Tee Topper!

Adjustable, Sturdy Base

The base on our Swing Path Trainer allows for heigh-adjustment, while providing a sturdy base to prevent the unit from tipping or falling over.

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What is a baseball or softball swing trainer?

A softball or baseball swing trainer is typically a redesigned softball/baseball tee or baseball training equipment used to practice hitting drills and to improve muscle memory, ball contact, power, speed, and develop a strong line drive. There are many different variations of a softball or baseball swing trainer. Some baseball hitting training equipment keeps the ball on a string or returning system so that the player can practice hitting efficiently without having to retrieve the baseball each time. Others allow players to place the ball on a softball/baseball tee in order to practice their aim and hitting swing without the need for a pitcher or pitching system.

One key problem with these common types of baseball swing trainers is that they fail to train the player on how to develop the muscle memory for a perfect swing. They simply allow the player to use repetition to develop strength and aim. The Swing Path Trainer from Perfect Swings is a revolutionized softball/baseball tee. Unlike other swing trainers, The Swing Path Trainer is the first batting tee that forces hitters to have the correct swing path and bat angle through the hitting zone at all pitch locations by using an adjustable tee and guide board system. Using this system allows hitters to adjust the height and angle of the board to practice hitting from various angles, creating strong muscle memory. Over time, the hitters’ muscles develop to allow for the perfect swing at any ball angle. The Swing Path Trainer is perfect for both softball and baseball, as it is easily adjustable and designed to be used with both softball and baseballs.

Softball Batting Tee & Swing Trainer

Softball and baseball players alike understand the importance of perfecting a strong hitting swing. The Swing Path Trainer from Perfect Swings works perfectly with softball hitters because it allows them to adjust the height and angle of the softball tee according to their specific needs. This softball swing trainer not only provides a way for softball hitters to practice their strength and speed, but also provides a way for them to develop muscle memory around the motion of a perfect swing. The unique softball tee and guide board force a hitter to swing perfectly every time. Through repetition, the muscles adjust their form and learn how to replicate this perfect swing every time. After practicing with The Swing Path Trainer, softball players see an improved difference in their swing during games.

What age group is this swing path trainer designer for?

The Swing Path Trainer from Perfect Swings is designed for all age groups. This baseball tee for training can be adjusted to any height between 19-48 inches to work on all pitch heights and locations. The guide board can adjust to any angle to force the correct hitting angle at all pitch heights, so that young players and older players alike can use the Swing Path Trainer to perfect the perfect hitting swing.

How often should I use the swing path trainer to see results?

Just like any baseball training equipment, you should use it as much as possible. The more you use this baseball swing trainer, the more muscle memory you will build and the better results you will see in games.

Do I need to use this baseball swing trainer with a coach?

The Swing Path Trainer is self-coaching! The combination of the batting tee and guide board forces a hitter to have a proper swing technique, every time, no coach needed. Coaches can also use the Swing Path Trainer to show their players the technique behind a perfect baseball swing, using repetition to develop muscle memory and improve their performance.