Foam Baseballs (Smushballs)


Introducing SmushBalls - the revolutionary training baseballs designed to transform your batting practice experience while preserving your bats and minimizing the sting from real baseball impact. SmushBalls are not your ordinary foam baseballs; they're engineered with precision to provide a unique and highly effective training tool for baseball enthusiasts of all levels.

Train anywhere, anytime with Smushballs! Come in 12 or 24 packs available!

Benefits of Foam Baseballs

  • Avoid damage to property
  • Weatherproof - train in rain, cold, or snow without affecting performance
  • Cost saving as foam baseballs are less expensive than baseballs
  • Avoid injuries
  • Safe for indoor gyms

Pack-Size: 12 Pack
Color: Orange/White
Pack-Size: 12 Pack
Color: Orange/White

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