Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question or need more information? Please check out our FAQ for all the answers to the questions you may have!

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What is the warranty policy?

All swing training products come with a free 1 year warranty. The warranty covers all damage that may be sustained during intended use.

Swing Path Trainer intended Use:

This product is meant to further the development of the user by helping perfect their swing and increase consistency. The intended use of the swing path trainer is for stationary tee work (including dry swings). If damage occurs during intended use, the warranty will cover it. If damage occurs outside of the intended use, the warranty will not cover the damage

Examples of non-intened use include:

- Hitting metal base

- swinging straight down on guide board

Tempo Trainer Intended Use:

The Tempo Trainer is designed only to be used to hit hollow plastic training balls and to take dry. It can also be used with the dry swing tee topper and swing path Trainer. It is not intended to be used to hit baseballs or pitching machine balls. 

The Tempo Trainer also has removable weights in the barrel. The weights are only to be used when taking dry swings with no intention of hitting an object. When hitting training balls or the dry swing tee topper, the weights should be removed to reduce bend that would result in a miss.

Examples of non-intednded use include:

-hitting baseballs

-hitting weighted balls

-swinging over device that is not the Swing path Trainer

What is the return policy?

Products that are unused can be returned within 30 days from date of purchase through date of return inquiry. There is no restock fee.

Will the board on the Swing Path Trainer break?

The board is made of polycarbonate which is extremely durable (what motorcycle helmets are made of). It is also designed to not only take direct hits but to disperse the force through the rest of the board. The board should not break if used correctly.

Will hitting the parts on the Swing Path Trainer damage my bat?

Hitting the Swing path trainer will not damage your bat. It will mark up the Swing Path Trainer but not your bat.

Can I buy extra parts for the Swing Path Trainer?

Yes you can purchase extra pieces in the “accessories” section.

What do I do if I break something on the Swing Path Trainer or the Tempo Trainer?

Go to the “contact us” page and fill out an inquiry to replace the broken part

How do I know what height to set the guide bar at?

Guide bar height should be determined by consistent ability to swing without making contact with it. Setting the guide bar high allows for lager margin for error. Setting the guide bar lower forces the user to be more on plane and more consistent.

How do I set the angle of the board?

Place handle of bat in the middle of guide board, place the barrel on athlete’s waist, and make sure the board is fully flat against bat angle.

Which way is the Tee Topper supposed to face?

The Ball Tee Topper is designed to hold balls even when the Guide Board is set with a large angle.  Because of this, it needs to be set differently for right-handed and left-handed hitters.  Make sure the large end of the tee topper is facing away from the hitter.

Can I hit baseballs with the Tempo Trainer?

The Tempo Trainer is not meant to hit baseballs.

How can I be updated when a new product comes out?

You can sign up for notifications when checking out.

Can I swing the Tempo Trainer over the Swing Path Trainer?

You can use it for the dry swing target or hitting our Training balls off the tee topper. But this is not recommended because it is not designed to take the impact of hitting the board. If you break the Tempo Trainer using it over the Swing Path Trainer, it will not be covered by the warranty.

How do I set the Tee up for inside and outside pitches?

Generally speaking, the tee will stay aligned straight towards the pitcher.  You will move the tee, in/out, forward/backward, placing the orange tee topper over the location that you want to work on.  It’s the same as any other tee.  For inside pitches, you would slide the tee inside towards the hitter, and forward so the player is hitting the ball out front. For outside pitches, you would slide the tee back and away from the hitter.

How do I assemble the Swing Path Trainer?