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Swing Path Trainer V4
CJ Hester (Spearfish, US)

Excellent swing trainer. Love it!

Swing Path Trainer V4
Megan Orsi (Vienna, US)
Highly recommend

Best swing trainer on the market. Helps players understand and feel the proper swing. As a coach sometimes it’s tough to get that across to my students but this tool has completely changed the game for me. Would highly recommend

Swing Path Trainer V4
Eric Sheller (El Dorado Hills, US)
Fixed a major swing flaw for my son.

This has been great at helping to eliminate rear shoulder drop in my son’s swing. He has been struggling with dropping his rear shoulder leading to a lot of hard hit pop flies. It’s been great to see him enjoy working during the week and in between games. This tee is extremely portable and surprisingly durable. He now hitting line drive doubles to the fence.

Swing Path Trainer V4
Ron (Chandler, US)
Great Product

Outstanding swing path trainer. This is a great teaching tool for any hitter. It easy to use, easy to set up and and durable. I would highly recommend.

Swing Path Trainer V4
Anonymous (Copperas Cove, US)
Swing Path Trainer V4

Before the Swing Path Trainer V4 arrived, my daughter, who is a talented young lady, found herself consistently rolling over during her ab all of the sudden. Despite trying typical drills, she couldn't correct the issue, resulting in weak rollover grounders. However, since using the Swing Path Trainer V4, she has had 25 at-bats with 14 hits, resulting in a batting average of .560 and an on-base percentage of .607. With many games left I have no doubt she will be able to maintain and continue to improve.
I would highly recommend this device to anyone at any age level. One thing I think would be helpful for parents who just don’t know.
Maybe include in the packaging a paper for baseball/softball at what degree should the bat be at contact. Most phones you can go into measurements and you can set the trainer to desire degree you want bat to be at contact. This is what we did and it has worked amazing.

Swing Path Trainer V4
Brent Case (Charleston, US)

This product help with my son's uppercut swing.

Ball Tee Topper
Jody Evans (Russellville, US)

Great quality products!

Bat Speed Trainer: Tempo Trainer
Raymond Bell (Berlin, US)

too early to tell, kids that are consistently hitting platform get frustrated. As they trust the process their confidence builds.

Best batting tee ever! Truly makes the hitter feel and apply the sequence of a swing.

Swing Path Trainer V4
Kenneth Kahora (Scotch Plains, US)
Franklin NJ Softball Program

We really like it and have been getting in a lot of swings with it. Just the concept of seeing the swing plane has helped our players

Swing Path Trainer V4
ernie waddey (Bonneau, US)

Durability is much better than older style.

Bat Speed Trainer: Tempo Trainer
Craig Zimmerman (Yorktown, US)
Outstanding training product

Not only a great training tool for players at all levels, but the customer service you get from this family-owned business is outstanding!

This swing path trainer creates muscle memory from repeated strokes. Simply, it works.

Swing Path Trainer V3
Jaime Noriega (Mission, US)
Great Training Tool

I had never seen my son willing to put in Tee work as he does now with Swing Path Trainer. He sees how his hits/swings are more consistent and the feedback he gets when he strays off encourages him. We’ve been watching as many swing path videos to try out different drills. I haven’t seen one hand drills for it though. We will definitely keep putting in the work. Even I have started to use it, to be able to discuss with my son what we notice and feel. Very durable material. His swing path and finish once the Swing Path Trainer Tee is removed is looking better.

Swing Path Trainer V3
Dax Rankine (Lake Worth, US)
Broke in two sessions with an avg. size 13yr old

You sent me a new board right away, so I am grateful about that, but way too expensive for it’s durability. Great idea, but super cheap plastic board.

Swing Path Trainer V3
Fernando B. (Culver City, US)
So far so good

I’ve been working with this tool with my daughter for about 3 weeks now. Initially it was a challenge but daily work with it and now my daughter feels more comfortable using it. I recommend this hitting tool.

Swing Path Trainer V3
Jeffrey Goldstein (Berthoud, US)
Great swing aid

As a combo swing aid and multipurpose tee, the SPT is an exceptional and ingenious piece of equipment. Lightweight, sturdy, and capable of everything from
dry swing reps to mini wiffle ball reps to hardball tee work, the SPT addresses the crucial aspects of hitting, from bat path (accomplished with its tilt adjustability), zone-specific work (thanks to both the hydrologic movement of the table up and down and the side to side adjustability of the tee lock, allowing for concentration on inside and outside pitches), and a guide are and table tilt combo that helps correct casting or other deficiencies with a swing. The system builds muscle memory, as well, which is crucial to making corrections stick. Recommend this highly in conjunction with the Tempo Trainer and the mini tee topper; hitting the mini wiffle balls provides tactile feedback; and the bat itself illustrated barrel acceleration thru the zone and the importance of quiet hands as a way to promote steady eyes on the pitch. Highest recommendation.

Swing Path Trainer V3
Jeremy Browning (Buda, US)
Kids love it. Instant feedback

Great service and awesome product that gives instant feedback and teaches confidence. Love seeing my boys be aggressive and not fear getting their swing on plane.

Swing Path Trainer V3
Ryan Poyntz (Georgetown, CA)
Review & Feedback

Thank you for the follow up. The experience with your company and product have been amazing! The purchasing process was seamless and delivery was on time.

Regarding the trainer, it has also exceeded our expectations. It took a bit for my daughter (10 years) to get used to it, but her improvement both on the trainer and on the field have increased in the short time of ownership. I can’t wait to see how she progresses over the winter. I also have been jumping on the machine, when she lets me :).

The only issue is, she did catch the bottom of the trainer with a swing (don’t ask me how) and broke off one of the clips that holds the guide bar. Other than that, it takes a beating and keeps on going!

We have been promoting it to our team and organization as we sit in the board, letting everyone know about it.

Have a great weekend,

Swing Path Trainer V3
Bruce Hogan (Port Orange, US)
Built well

Grandson really likes.

Swing Path Trainer V3
m.r. (Boston, US)

great product!

Swing Path Trainer V3
Trevor Sterner (Rochester, US)
Path to success

Love the instant feedback the perfect swing trainer gives the hitter when the bat path is off. It’s a must for working on your swing. I use it with all the kids I give lessons to.

Swing Path Trainer V3
Ryan Kelly (West Bend, US)
2023 Softball Season

Used the Perfect Swing trainer with my 12U softball team last offseason. Made a big improvement. Team batting average over .350. Downsides are that several pieces broke immediately. The handle for tightening the rotating bar broke on day one. No big deal, trainer is still usable. But the bigger problem is that the plastic point used for hitting without a ball broke after a month. Now you have to set up a net to use it. - SE Wisconsin

Swing Path Trainer V3
Michael Roth (Lincoln, US)
Amazing softball training tool!

This Perfect Swing is the best trainer for all areas in the zone and contact points. It teaches barrel angle to the ball at so many levels and points, that is accelerates my batters Development