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So far so good

I’ve been working with this tool with my daughter for about 3 weeks now. Initially it was a challenge but daily work with it and now my daughter feels more comfortable using it. I recommend this hitting tool.

Great swing aid

As a combo swing aid and multipurpose tee, the SPT is an exceptional and ingenious piece of equipment. Lightweight, sturdy, and capable of everything from
dry swing reps to mini wiffle ball reps to hardball tee work, the SPT addresses the crucial aspects of hitting, from bat path (accomplished with its tilt adjustability), zone-specific work (thanks to both the hydrologic movement of the table up and down and the side to side adjustability of the tee lock, allowing for concentration on inside and outside pitches), and a guide are and table tilt combo that helps correct casting or other deficiencies with a swing. The system builds muscle memory, as well, which is crucial to making corrections stick. Recommend this highly in conjunction with the Tempo Trainer and the mini tee topper; hitting the mini wiffle balls provides tactile feedback; and the bat itself illustrated barrel acceleration thru the zone and the importance of quiet hands as a way to promote steady eyes on the pitch. Highest recommendation.

Kids love it. Instant feedback

Great service and awesome product that gives instant feedback and teaches confidence. Love seeing my boys be aggressive and not fear getting their swing on plane.

Review & Feedback

Thank you for the follow up. The experience with your company and product have been amazing! The purchasing process was seamless and delivery was on time.

Regarding the trainer, it has also exceeded our expectations. It took a bit for my daughter (10 years) to get used to it, but her improvement both on the trainer and on the field have increased in the short time of ownership. I can’t wait to see how she progresses over the winter. I also have been jumping on the machine, when she lets me :).

The only issue is, she did catch the bottom of the trainer with a swing (don’t ask me how) and broke off one of the clips that holds the guide bar. Other than that, it takes a beating and keeps on going!

We have been promoting it to our team and organization as we sit in the board, letting everyone know about it.

Have a great weekend,

Built well

Grandson really likes.

Path to success

Love the instant feedback the perfect swing trainer gives the hitter when the bat path is off. It’s a must for working on your swing. I use it with all the kids I give lessons to.

2023 Softball Season

Used the Perfect Swing trainer with my 12U softball team last offseason. Made a big improvement. Team batting average over .350. Downsides are that several pieces broke immediately. The handle for tightening the rotating bar broke on day one. No big deal, trainer is still usable. But the bigger problem is that the plastic point used for hitting without a ball broke after a month. Now you have to set up a net to use it. - SE Wisconsin

Amazing softball training tool!

This Perfect Swing is the best trainer for all areas in the zone and contact points. It teaches barrel angle to the ball at so many levels and points, that is accelerates my batters Development

The Swing Path Trainer V3

The perfect swing path trainer V3 is the perfect gadget for beginners and elite baseball/softball players. This tool allows you to get better, no excuse. The interchangeable tops allow you to take dry swings from the comfort of your home. Also, the swing path trainer helps develop muscle memory. Which allows you to train consciously, until it becomes part of your subconscious mind.

Invest in tools that would create the ultimate experienced for you at the plate.

Immediate Feedback

I’m a high school coach and being able to utilize this product is huge. It gives my hitters feedback without a coach having to be present. Great hitters fix their swings independently and this product aids in grooming the perfect bay path. Extremely durable as well.

Had high hopes

I’m not sure why, but it didn’t solve my problems. I used it a lot, but it didn’t improve my hitting. I hit great off the tee, but in the game it didn’t translate. It may work for some people, but didn’t for me.

Love it

Love this trainer. Gives me instant feedback on good and bad swings


This swing trainer gives feed back with the first swing. Love it.

Great hitting tool.

This is a great hitting tool. For kids they drop their hands and hit the board it kinda scares them and they figure out that's not a good mechanic and they learn the perfect path. Instant feed back. And the warranty department is really great. I would recommend this for any one wanting to take the hitting to the next level.

Best batting training tool ever made!

One of the biggest and crucial keys to hitting is being on plane with the ball. My son hit a small slump in 10u because he was dropping his hands. Within a week of using the swing path trainer V3, we corrected the issue, and he started crushing the ball again. He is one of the best hitters around the gulf coast in 11u, and we give a lot of that credit to this amazing training tool. Thank you!

Rocco 12uplayer

My son has been using the Perfect Swing tee for a little over two weeks now. He’s every day off the tee and we’ve Already seen great mechanical changes in his swing path. We both know he has to put in the work to keep improving. I highly recommend this product!!!! Great customer service with an amazing product!

Amazing teaching tool.

This Swing Path Trainer is a great product for all my students. It helps them learn accuracy with their swing and fundamentals for every swing angle! Could not recommend this product more!!!

Amazing teaching aid and top quality

I have been a coach for 20+ years focusing mostly on mechanics. Many of those years was focused on baseball from high school age to college. I have been teaching hitting for 10+ years and I have worked under or have been with amazing hitting coaches (including professional players and coaches ). BYW, One of my favorite hitting coaches is the person who created this product. I have been to several of his clinics and have watched him successfully coach up many players. He and his two sons were great college players.

This product is perfect for teaching a perfect swing muscle memory. It will create a simple but extremely effective swing.

I purchased for my 10 and 7 year old sons (if they can get me off the Trainer). At first I was hesitant to buy due to the price point but once I received the Swing Trainer I see why it’s at that price. The engineering and quality of this product is top notch. It should last a lifetime with the materials it’s made from. The design is so well thought out. You can tell this product was made because they truly want to help young (and old) players.

I can’t wait to see the results it produces with my two boys and the players and clients I coach.

This is definitely a product that I would and will promote.

I wish I could explain in greater detail why this product is advantageous for proper mechanics!!!


Great Product

Being the dad of a pitcher, hitting has never been something I understood. With this product my daughters form has improved and I am able to work with her. Great tool for parents to help their kids. Wife even agrees it was a great purchase.

Ultimate Hitting Tool

My son plays elite travel baseball and the swing path trainer is critical to his development. He sets the trainer up at between negative 20 to 25 degrees vertical swing plane and works on keeping his hands in. Perfect tool to teach new high level baseball swing mechanics. Instant feedback eliminates need for other analytics. Let’s dads be fans and not hitting coaches!

Worth the cost!

I coach my daughter. She’s on a high functioning travel softball team. My daughter has been using this trainer for 8 months. The improvement in her game time performance is exponentially better. Line drives and hard grounders. This device has eliminated pop ups! It disciplined my daughter’s bat path. It’s the best training aid I’ve ever bought…and I’ve tried them all.

Guide Bar
Heath Beavers
Excellent Customer Service!!!

Top notch customer service with an even better product.

Swing Path Trainer V1
Excellent all around

Purchased the perfect swing trainer last November and have had great results with my girls. Excellent product but there customer service is even better. Had a small crack in the deck and emailed them. Got a notification the next day that a new deck was already shipped. They shipped the replacement before I even received an email back from customer service. That’s how you know they stand behind their products.

Swing Path Trainer V1
Augusto Bordelois
20% more line drives

In my last 12 years as a hitting coach, I have used, tried and bought all kind of equipment to teach, correct and improve my players swings. I practice with and test each equipment before I use it with my players.
I didn’t have any doubts on the instructional logic behind this equipment by watching the videos. But the price made me pause a few times before buying it.
I’m so happy I gave it a try. It surpassed anything that I was expecting. I used it for 3 30-minutes sessions in the garage with the dry swing attachment. I went to a computerized cage yesterday (I go to the same cage 2-3 times a week to keep me sharp. You can’t teach what you don’t know) and increased my LD% from 30’s% to 51%. It increased my XBH, HR, avg. - I have images to prove it.
This is the BEST and SIMPLEST piece of equipment that I have ever tried. I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to use it with my players.