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Baseball Swing Mechanics: Shoulder Flying Open

Baseball Swing Mechanics: Shoulder Flying Open


We get a lot of questions about the tee topper and the tee topper holder. I want to give you guys a tip today for some of the drills that you may you doing. Or if you're seeing this issue with your swing as a player, if you're seeing this as a coach with some of your players. One of the things we designed for the tee topper holder that I think is very cool, so if you're a guy that is flying open with your shoulders, so when you’re going to swing and you're spinning odd balls and you’re pulling to left field or vice versa, right field for lefties. 


One of the cool things is, if you want to slide the tee topper down, I'm now forcing the player to keep their barrel over the board longer and through the zone longer. Now, if you're a guy that spins off on balls like I just demonstrated, you're going to miss that ball. If I go to swing and I’m spinning, I'm not going to be able to reach it. I'm going to do a lot of this. So now I'm forcing the player to make an adjustment. 


They think, I've got to stay over the ball and the board longer. Therefore, forcing them to keep their chest over the plate and keep their barrel through the zone longer. Right? Another thing you can do that I like to do a lot of is turn the board in These indentations here, the lines, they are visual cues for the hitter. So the two things I would recommend, if you're seeing this problem with yourself, is number one, slide the tee topper away from yourself, think back side, and think staying over the plate. Number two, tilt the board in a little bit and think, drive that knob up these visual cues to stay through the ball longer. Try this, let me know what you think. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear. Keep us posted.


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