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A Better Batting Tee Option

A Better Batting Tee Option

The Swing Path Trainer by Perfect Swings USA is the next-level swing trainer for baseball and softball players alike. There are a ton of baseball and softball players who are using batting tees to improve their swing, but as you’ll see in this article, the batting tee has weaknesses, some which the player doesn’t even realize.

Discover why you need to invest is a swing path trainer to skyrocket your hitting average.


The Evolution of the Batting Tee

Charlie Metro, in his autobiography, claims he invented the batting tee while working in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. He would use pieces of tubing lying around to place a ball on and practice his hitting. 

The batting tee has become a staple of American baseball ever since, helping those young and old to improve their hitting game, and yet, the perfect swing still eludes players of all ages today. 

The old adage still holds true, practice makes perfect. The key to developing an amateur swing into a pitcher-fearing powerhouse lies in the consistent practice of hitting the ball over and over again. This is why the batting tee has been a popular option for batters, but there are problems. It’s true. The batting tee can aid baseball and softball players, but many players unknowingly develop habits that don’t improve their game. Let’s look at some of the problems with the batting tee and also the problems they create for players.


What’s the Problem with Batting Tees?

Topple Over & Creep

One issue that players run into often when working with batting tees is that it topples over when the bat makes contact with the stem. To reduce the batting tee from falling over, manufacturers have built weighted bases that include flexible stems. 

Creep is another issue with batting tees. Even if the base of the batting tee is weighted, the hitter may experience “batting tee creep”. This is where the batting tee creeps forward and away from the home plate. This requires a constant repositioning of the batting tee to ensure that the player makes contact with the ball at the right position. 

Creep is a factor that has been improved over the evolution of the batting tee, but isn’t a universal improvement among all batting tees.

Consistent Ball Positioning

While this sounds like it should be an advantage for batting tees, it’s really a disadvantage to anyone looking to improve their hitting average. There are a plethora of batting tees which do have adjustable heights, but the ball still has a limited movement window. It won’t allow the batter to practice certain tricky pitches and leaves the player vulnerable in a real game environment. Furthermore, without the ability to experience these types of pitching situations repeatedly, the player is unable to recognize them in a real game.

Creates Bad Swing Habits

With the batting tee unable to allow the batter the flexibility to practice multiple types of ball positions, the hitter can find themselves creating bad swinging habits that will only cause frustration and more work to undo down the road. The last thing a hitter wants to do is work hard to create a form and swing that will ultimately lead them to having to unlearn it later. 


A Coach’s Dilemma

Right up there with mom, a coach’s work is never done. 

How can coaches improve the hitting performance of multiple players with one option? How can the coach ensure that both left-handed and right-handed players get the most effective practice time? The best option for batting tees that take multiple players (or an entire team) is one that can meet these specifications and also account for every ball position possible.

To really improve their form, the player has to spend time on the field themselves. Even better, if they can practice their swing without someone having to pitch the ball to them to create every different ball position.

Better Options

For those who want to take their hitting ability past what a regular batting tee can offer, players should invest money in a swing path trainer. 

Definition: A swing path trainer is a type of batting tee that forces hitters to have the correct swing path and bat angle through the hitting zone at all pitch locations.

Swing path trainers take batting tees to the next level and help players improve their swing form without needing additional people to make it possible. Usually, you would need someone to give the perfect pitch every time to account for every possible scenario. 

For these reasons, Perfect Swings wanted to create a swing path trainer that could tackle any problem hitters have encountered since the inception of the game. Now, all baseball and softball players can rejoice over what the team at Perfect Swings has accomplished. 

Let’s look at the advantages of the Swing Path Trainer from Perfect Swings.



Swing Path Trainer Advantages Over Batting Tees

No Assembly Required

There is no assembly required for the Swing Path Trainer. The product ships directly to you with the base already assembled. The Swing Path Trainer has a collapsable base making it a breeze for travel. Even better, the Swing Path Trainer is lightweight (only 10 pounds).

Watch this video to see how the Swing Path Trainer looks upon arriving at your doorstep. Watch how easy it is to set up the Swing Path Trainer. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 swing!


Practice any Type of Pitch

The Swing Path Trainer can adjust to any height or angle needed to practice every pitch type imaginable. Even when the adjustable board is set in a steep position, the tee topper will ensure the ball doesn’t fall and holds its position. Whether you want to practice high pitches or low pitches, the adjustable board and guide bar will help you perfect your swing for any pitch scenario. Take a look at the placement variations in this video.



Adjustable Height

Being able to raise and lower the adjustable board ensures that the player, no matter the height can be in a natural, optimal position when practicing their swing. You won’t have to place your body in an awkward position or conform to the standards of the batting tee. This video shows how adjustable the Swing Path Trainer truly is.


Dry Swing Tee Topper

The Swing Path Trainer also comes with a dry swing tee topper. This is optimal for when you want to practice swings in the garage or at home and don’t want to hit an actual ball. You can still improve your swing no matter where you are located with this handy, inventive feature.

No Swing Trainer

Save time and money with the Swing Path Trainer by not spending additional money on a swing trainer or more coach time resulting in additional fees. 

Durability of the Swing Path Trainer

The Swing Path Trainer is a durable piece of equipment. The adjustable board is made of polycarbonate (the same stuff used to create motorcycle helmets). It is able to withstand the punishment of solid baseball hits, even though that isn’t it’s intended use. Watch the video below to see its durability tested. The good news is with practice and the guide bar, you can avoid hitting the board and instead knock the ball out of the park.

Watch our videos regarding these important distinctions. 


Return/Warranty FAQs


What do I do if I break something on the Swing Path Trainer?


Go to the “contact us” page and fill out an inquiry to replace the broken part.


What is the return policy?


Products that are unused can be returned within 30 days from date of purchase through date of return inquiry. There is no restock fee.


What is the warranty policy?


All swing training products come with a free 1 year warranty. The warranty covers all damage that may be sustained during intended use.


Swing Path Trainer FAQs


Will the board on the Swing Path Trainer break?


The board is made of polycarbonate which is extremely durable. It’s what motorcycle helmets are made of. It is also designed to not only take direct hits, but to disperse the force through the rest of the board. The board should not break if used correctly.


Can I buy extra parts for the Swing Path Trainer? 


Yes you can purchase extra pieces in the accessories section.

Read the rest of our FAQ's here.


How do I know what height to set the guide bar?

Guide bar height should be determined by consistent ability to swing without making contact with it. Setting the guide bar high allows for larger margin for error. Setting the guide bar lower forces the user to be more on plane and more consistent.

A batting tee can only take a player so far. If you’re serious about improving your hitting average and becoming familiar with different pitch patterns, use the Swing Path Trainer from Perfect Swings. You’ll be glad you did. It will make the difference in player form and create proper muscle memory patterns that will enable players to become a better hitter.


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