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Swing Path Trainer - Batting Tee

Swing Path Trainer - Batting Tee

How to get the perfect swing? It’s the question that baseball and softball players of all ranks want to answer. How does an amateur baseball/softball player acquire the perfect hitting swing like those in the major leagues? There’s no perfect 5-step process, but there are certain types of softball and baseball training equipment that players can use to develop muscle memory and improve their swing. 

Perfect Swings’ Swing Path Trainer is a new revolution in the batting tee. After researching and utilizing data on the “optimal swing”, Perfect Swings decided to create a product that forces the perfect line-drive swing, every time. The Swing Path Trainer forces athletes to keep their bat in the hitting zone longer with the proper angle, allowing for more consistently solid contact and muscle memory development.

guy hitting ball on a swing path trainer

The Best Swing Trainer in Baseball and Softball

Baseball and softball players use a batting tee almost every day in order to practice and perfect the perfect swing. With batting tees being so common, how can players and coaches determine which ones are best?

Here are a few things to look for when buying a new batting tee:

First, does it create good batting habits? Not all batting tees force the batter to hit a perfect swing, every time. If the batting tee does not force the batter to swing correctly, the batter could begin to develop improper swinging habits that can ultimately hurt their batting game instead of helping.

Second, how is the quality of the batting tee? Batting tees can be easily broken simply because someone is constantly swinging a heavy bat in their direction. A high-quality batting tee is important to ensure that the batting tee lasts for a long time and can hold up against the wear and tear of swinging and missing.

Third, is the batting tee easily portable? Players and coaches often have to transport training equipment to each training session, so the portability of the batting tee is very important. Can it be folded and easily packed into a bag or the back of a car? Or does it need to be assembled and unassembled every time?

A well-designed batting tee can be the key component to helping a baseball or softball player make it to the next level. Perfect Swings designed a batting tee specifically engineered to improve batting ability and be easily used by coaches and players alike. The design of the batting tee forces a baseball or softball player to swing correctly every time, creating muscle memory that then translates to the perfect swing during games. The quality and adjustability of the batting tee allow players of different heights and sizes to comfortably practice their swing without worry of the batting tee breaking. The batting tee is also easily transportable, meaning that players and coaches can take it with them to use before games or at different training locations. With the Swing Path Trainer batting tee, players can practice batting from all different angles, replicating the variability of pitches they would experience in a game.

Learn more about why the Swing Path Trainer from Perfect Swings is the best batting tee for softball and baseball players by watching the tutorial videos here! 


What is a softball or baseball swing trainer?

A softball or baseball swing trainer is usually a reconfigured baseball tee or other type of baseball training equipment used to practice repetitive hitting. This increases the power and speed of a swing and improves muscle memory and ball contact. There are many types of softball or baseball swing trainers. Some baseball hitting equipment keeps the ball on a line or a return system so that the batter can practice efficiently without having to collect hit balls over and over. Others allow batters to place the softball or baseball on a tee to practice their swing without the need for a pitcher or pitching system.

The main problem with these types of swing trainers is that the batter doesn't end up developing muscle memory for the correct swing path. They only allow the player to improve strength and ball contact. The Swing Path Trainer from Perfect Swings revolutionizes baseball hitting training. Unlike other swing trainers, The Swing Path Trainer is the first baseball tee that requires batters to practice the correct swing path and correct bat angle through the whole hitting zone. The adjustable tee and guide board system allows players to practice this at all pitch locations. This system enables batters to adjust the angle and height of the board, leading to the development of muscle memory for every hit within the strike zone. Over time, players will naturally develop "a perfect swing" at any ball angle. The Swing Path Trainer is perfect for both baseball and softball because of its adjustability and interchangeable tee toppers.

The Perfect Baseball Swing

swing path trainer batting tee for perfect baseball swing diagram

The perfect baseball swing is considered a swing that stays in the hitting zone for as long as possible and gets into the hitting zone as quickly as possible. A swing that allows the bat to remain in the hitting zone for as long as possible increases the chance to make strong contact with the ball. It is important for a player to train their muscles to rapidly enter the hitting zone and maintain a strong line while there in order to achieve that strong hit, which can be achieved through proper weight shift and rotation.

The Swing Path Trainer helps hitters build muscle memory to stay in the hitting zone for the maximum amount of time optimizing the hitters’ chance to make solid and consistent contact with the ball during games.

Learn more about the perfect softball/baseball swing by reading our article on Bat Path here!


Softball Batting Tee & Swing Trainer

Baseball and softball players both strive to perfect a strong hitting swing. The Swing Path Trainer from Perfect Swings works perfectly with softball players because of its ability to adjust height and angle depending on the specific need. This softball swing trainer not only improves softball hitters strength and bat speed, but also improves muscle memory around the motion of a perfect swing. The unique softball tee and guide board require a batter to swing through perfect swing path every time. With repetition, the muscles used during swinging adjust and strengthen themselves making replication of the perfect swing easier and easier. Softball players see an improved difference in their in-game swings after practicing with the Swing Path Trainer.



What age group is this swing path trainer designed for?

The Swing Path Trainer from Perfect Swings is designed for all age groups. The baseball tee can be adjusted to any height between 19-48 inches to work on all pitch heights and locations. The guide board can adjust to any angle to force the correct hitting angle at all pitch heights, so that young players and older players alike can use the Swing Path Trainer to perfect the perfect hitting swing.

How often should I use the swing path trainer to see results?

Just like any baseball training equipment, you should use it as much as possible. The more you use this baseball swing trainer, the more muscle memory you will build and the better results you will see in games!

Do I need to use this baseball swing trainer with a coach?

The Swing Path Trainer is self-coaching! The combination of the batting tee and guide board forces a hitter to have a proper swing technique, every time, no coach needed. Coaches can also use the Swing Path Trainer to show their players the technique behind a perfect swing, using repetition to develop muscle memory and improve their performance.
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