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Perfect Swings USA: The FUTRSPRT Product Series

Perfect Swings USA: The FUTRSPRT Product Series

In the Age of High-Tech Baseball, Perfect Swings Makes Things Easy

baseball player swinging bat and hitting ball off swing path trainer
Courtesy of Perfect Swings USA

By Matt Bowen

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FUTRSPRT Product Series presents reviews on some of the latest products that will impact the future of sportstech. From wearables to the latest fan experience app, FUTRSPRT tests them out.

Perfect Swings USA CEO Nick Morabito knows that “more success equals more fun” on the baseball diamond.

The issue, for so many kids learning the game it’s hard to know when you’re properly swinging through the ball. The Perfect Swings USA Swing Path Trainer is simple — hit the board that the ball rest upon while swinging and the player knows they’ll have to adjust. Swing through the ball smoothly and success is on its way.

baseball sitting on swing path trainer tee topper
Courtesy of Perfect Swings USA

Baseball is in the Morabito family’s blood and the Swing Path Trainer was born in their basement many moons ago. What started as a project at Home Depot is now available for all players, teams, and organizations to utilize.

What Perfect Swings is doing is creating a great foundation for hitters to gain smooth, consistent swings at the plate.

Morabito says, “our product ensures the correct bat path. It’s tough to tell kids what to do and teach them with data without a tangible way to improve.”

He’s right, visualizing what to do is one thing, but being told how to swing properly and seeing the results in action, thanks to the Swing Path Trainer makes all the difference in the world.

This product is so simple yet so effective.

Look for Perfect Swings USA’s product line to grow over time. It’s making baseball fun again.


perfect swings usa logo
Courtesy of Perfect Swings USA
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