Swing Path Trainer V4


Take your Hitting to the Next Level 

  • Perfect Bat Path every time
  • Instant Feedback with each swing
  • Adjustable Attack Angle (angle can be set to 0, 4, 8, 12 degrees)
  • Tee holds softballs and baseballs
  • Comes with Ball Topper / Dry Swing Topper / Guide Bar
  • 1 Year Warranty 

Condition: New
Condition: New

Customer Comments

Get Your Swing On-Plane

Introducing the next revolution in baseball and softball. The game is always evolving, from how we play, to how we train. But one thing that has always stayed the same is the batting tee. With all of the available data today and the knowledge of the optimal swing to increase performance, we thought it was necessary to introduce a product that forces the perfect line drive swing to help every athlete compete at their highest level. The Swing Path Trainer forces the athlete to keep their bat in the hitting zone longer with the proper angle, allowing for more consistent solid contact.

Provides Immediate Feedback

The Swing Path Trainer allows any athlete to train and receive feedback in real-time. This provides actionable insight into the changes needed to get their swing on-plane and improve overall swing efficiency.

Durable Guide Board Built To Last

The board is made of polycarbonate which is extremely durable (what motorcycle helmets are made of). It is also designed to not only take direct hits but to disperse the force through the rest of the board. The board should not break if used correctly.

Works With Baseballs & Softballs

The Ball Tee Topper holds both baseball & softballs so you only need one topper no matter what sport you play. Each Swing Path Trainer also comes with a Dry Swing Tee Topper to allow you to get work in anywhere, anytime!

Adjustable Board Angle For Training

The Swing Path Trainer is designed to work with all athletes & swing types. To determine the proper angle for training, Place the handle of the bat in the middle of the guide board, place the barrel on athlete’s waist, and make sure the board is fully flat against bat angle.

1 Year Warranty Included

All swing training products come with a free 1 year warranty. The warranty covers all damage that may be sustained during intended use.

Swing Path Trainer intended Use:

This product is meant
to further the development of the user by helping perfect their swing and increase consistency. The intended use of the swing path trainer is for stationary tee work (including dry swings). If damage occurs during intended use, the warranty will cover it. If damage occurs outside of the intended use,
the warranty will not cover the damage

Examples of non-intened use include:

- Hitting metal base

- swinging straight down on guide board

Tempo Trainer Intended Use:

The Tempo Trainer is designed only to be used to hit hollow plastic training balls and to take dry. It can also be used with the dry swing tee topper and swing path Trainer. It is not intended to be used to hit baseballs or pitching machine balls.

The Tempo Trainer also has removable weights in the barrel. The weights are only to be used when taking dry swings with no intention of hitting an object. When hitting training balls or the dry swing tee topper, the weights should be
removed to reduce bend that would result in a miss.

Eaxamples of non-intednded use include:

-hitting baseballs

-hitting weighted balls

-swinging over device that is not the Swing path Trainer

For Both Baseball & Softball

The Ball Tee Topper holds baseballs and softballs so you only need one topper no matter what sport you play or coach.

Built to Last

The Swing Path Trainer works because it provides instant feedback when you do something wrong. In order to provide feed back, it had to be designed to take a beating.

Adjustable Attack Angle

With adjustable attack angle, you can work on the bat path that you want!

For Righty and Lefty Hitters

A quick and seamless transition from righty to lefty hitters ensures you are getting the most time to get work in.

Easily Transportable

The Swing Path Trainer stores your tee toppers and folds to be small and compact to make travel and storage no problem

Comes With Dry Swing Tee Topper

Using the Dry Swing Tee Topper enables you to build correct muscle memory by allowing you take hundreds of swings in just minutes. It is also great for indoor use and station work

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