Tempo Trainer

Baseball/Softball Hitting Training Bat

The Tempo Trainer is designed to create proper tempo, rhythm, and balance during the baseball/softball swing.  It provides physical feedback allowing the hitter to identify and fix incorrect body movements and timing.  Once corrected, the player will achieve swing stabilization and maximum kinetic energy creating consistency and power.

  • Youth size (30 inches) for players that are 5'6 or under
  • Adult size (33 inches) for players that are 5'7 or taller
  • A flexible shaft that exaggerates incorrect movements so the user can correct them
  • Improves hitter's timing  
  • Small 1.65’ diameter barrel to hit our Training balls and work on hand-eye coordination
  • Teaches the hitter to lead with the hands and “throw the barrel”
  • Helps you achieve maximum power for your swing
  • Increases bat speed
  • Great for the on-deck circle
  • Self-Coaching – Get better on your own  


The tempo/rythem during a swing is extremely important. You don’t want to move too fast during your load or your hands will not be able to catch up with your body during the rest of the swing.  The Tempo Trainer, with its flexible shaft, exaggerates the false motions generated by loading to fast.  It forces you to slow down your load so that the bat stays straight allowing your body to sync, creating the most powerful swing and fastest bat speed.

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